Who We Are

The Golani R & P Club is a shooting club in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT,PA) Golani R & P Club facilitates shooting events that do not conflict with Jewish holidays and the Sabbath (Saturday). Members of the group are people who are proud and privileged to be responsible gun owners (or are in the process of becoming one), and are thankful for the protections written into the Second Amendment.

Purpose & Goals:

  •  To promote good fellowship among members interested in shooting for sport.
  •  To provide opportunities for improving shooting skills through training and target practice.
  •  To provide opportunities to travel to shooting venues with other members.
  •  To provide opportunities for learning about and sampling different firearms.
  •  To provide opportunities for group and/or discount purchasing of supplies.
  •  To provide opportunities for competitive target shooting.
  • To afford the opportunities stated above to Sabbath observing members events will scheduled to avoid conflicts with the Jewish Sabbath and Holy-days and any meals at any e vents shall offer only Kosher food.


  • Interact with other shooters – gain advice, camaraderie
  • Group recognition to attract new members, gain acceptability
  • Screening and peer review of safety practices of members
  •  Travel together to shooting venues
  • Competition
  •  Sample firearms
  • Discounts on supplies
  • Group scheduling at shooting ranges
  • Outings to different ranges
  • Assistance in planning events and firearms training.
  • Training & mentoring for new shooters or shooters of different firearms.
  • Club Liability Insurance


Click Golani-RPC-Goals-Appl-Saftey-Rules to download the Golani RPC Membership Application.